The H.U. {podcast}


In this podcast, we have taken it upon ourselves to reveal and showcase the greatest, most defining human universal of our species, and that is the telling and passing down of stories, imparting traditions into future generations. These oral traditions have created the complex society that we all abide in. storytelling-quotes-8

From the highest most esteemed positions in our civilization, to the perceived lowliest and ugliest, we are all a jumbled bunch of stories, masquerading around as humans. They make and shape us into the people we believe ourselves to be, as well as who we want others to think we are. Our memory is related back to us in story form, so that everything in life becomes a part of ourselves, and our muses, if we allow it to be.


This is has been true for every person on this earth, for as long as we have been here. With this podcast, we are looking to show how interconnected we all are, from instance to instance, to similar situations or emotions felt within. We are all the same, sometimes we just need a little reminder of what it means to be human.

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We hope that you all enjoy the stories we put forward, and the ways we try to bring them to life. This is a passion project and it is has taken on a life of its own. Please, stay tuned, and keep  creating your stories.

-The HUP Team