Hello and Welcome!



We are Live!

Whats up guys and gals! Welcome one and all, to the debut of our podcast in the form of a baby, more so a toddler, because hell, we are somewhat professional about this whole thing. We named it The Human Universals podcast, or HUP for short. We are, in the interviewing game now with a fervor that would match any pro volley ball player out there. We have been collecting stories from every nook and cranny of Las Cruces New Mexico, Welcome to our first season!


Its been a long time coming. But trials and tribulations always reveal the essence of something and what it can be possible of. We, the HUP team, our lofty visionaries (or like to think we are) exploring what a podcast about stories really can be all about. We realized it has to be More than audio, it has to be more than visual. It has to be Engaged. That is what we strive for, because that is the most important reasons for telling a story. To convey a message, a truth. Something that will compel one of your senses as a human on this great, green mother earth and home as we know it, into feeling something, anything. However that avenue of synaptic firings may open up in your brain, is the fun part that we want to dissect in detail.

If this were a PSA for the HUP show, it would state ;



Please make a point of participating in your fellow race, no matter how stacked the odds may seem.


This is a journey for us, the trials and tribulations podcasting has proven to be a difficult terrain to trek, But is one we undertake with great honor, for the core message is timeless. Stories make and shape us as humans. They connect us, they create the realities we live in, as well as the mannerisms we swing by. All of our conventional action is a culmination of our experiences. We here at the HUP podcast aim to share those commonalities in the hopes that it will strengthen our bonds to our fellow man and woman, in this growing world of an ever discontent and disconnected society of humans living together acting as ants in a colony would.  Also, it allows us the freedom to listen to some bad ass stories, create some silly content around it all, and hopefully bring a smile to your face.

We hope you enjoy, and we Thank you for being Alive.

Stay Great,

-The Human Universals Team



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