The universe

Its a big place.

We all abide inside of it and try to find our place within the great massive galactic space that surrounds us. We create a life among the rubble’s or riches from where we were placed upon the day of our creation, birthed into existence. Whenever that may have been, from the beginning of man, it has crafted cultures into society, bio-diversity is the real feat. Every one person, connecting on some level with each other on the tree of life somewhere from the root, spanning further than proximity of your birthplace, or demography, it supersedes cultures and geography.

We are not bound to the places that we live, nor the places that we leave. Wherever you are, that is your home, and you as an intelligent resilient human; must strive to make it into excellence and omnipotence of the space you inhabit in this vast place…

Wherever that may be.


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