Our journey into the future, and how Hallucinogens may help

How can one describe the trip that Hallucinogenics give. Each experience remains subjective to the user that consumed them. What these experiences do have in common with every other drug induced trip is they all give an open window view of your mind. Like a picture on display in an art gallery at a free showing. Every person viewing this piece has their own thoughts and feelings about it, and what they take away is left completely up to the users past experiences, comprehension, self esteem and self worth; not to mention the surroundings the person is experiencing at the time.

So whats new? Mankind has been tripping on whatever berries or cactus we could dig up and eat since the dawn of time. We are silly creatures, trying everything out with our mouths so that we may know its effect. Im sure many people died using this method, but without it, one can argue that language, religion, art, and culture would have never been established.

Maybe that is being overly dramatic about hallucinogens, but they really are an important part in the evolution of humankind. What else, gives you senses outside your body, outside your perception? Travel has the possibility to do this, but it is not the same. These mind altering substances have been creating new visions of the same views for a millennia. The scientific community has just begun, in the past ten years or so, to see the merits that these substances may offer.

The future may be a mystery, but we can only guess as to how we are evolving, and what is creating that effect. We must not rule out anything that may help us along that journey.

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