Focus on measurement for progress

The thing that i seem to keep returning to, when everything else in my life seems jumbled, disjointed and out of place; is that in which we all participate unknowingly; a methodology of constant improvement. As long as I am moving forward in one area of my world, I can feel accomplished.

may that be:

  •  A steadier hand while painting
  •  Effortless organization
  •  Stronger and faster striking (I train in kendo)
  •  Better flow in writing
  •  Better sleep
  •  Being a more compassionate partner
  •  Manage any of the millions of intricacies life holds, etc…


It seems, at least for me that the more I try to do in life, the less I actually get done. I have found this true time and time again. To have a life that is vast and fulfilling, people need to fill it with many areas of knowledge. To try and accomplish all things at once, is a fools errand. Focus. The secret is to treat every area in your life, like a video game. Constantly leveling up in one specific area will leave your character unbalanced and ineffective; but if you spread your experience through all aspects of your life, you will be well suited for anything.

samurai 1“The focused mind can pierce through stone”

Samurai proverb


The only way to truly measure progress in such insubstantial or subjective fields is to find a way to measure them. Peter Drucker says, Whatever you can measure, you can manage; how to find that way in measuring, is up to you. It could be counting breathes, timing tasks and looking for improvement in speed, gauging strength in lifting objects, etc…

A field that seems to give you these inherent responses to measure what your doing is general fitness and weightlifting. One is always counting the number of reps or sets in any given area, focusing on any given groupings of muscles.  The results seen from doing these exercises are not instantaneous, but shown over time in the form of bigger muscles, less fatty tissue and so on.

I have been getting back into the habit of regular exercise, and what I have found more beneficial than any type of lift, or specific exercise, is targeted stretching. When you are able to access and stretch all the small muscle groups in your body, life starts to feel a bit different. Your more nimble, feel good, your sleeping amazingly, and your digesting like a colony of ants on a Popsicle. This is where my focus lies in this field as of late.


Here is a short video that beautifully illustrates exercises and which muscle groups they cover.


Whatever it is in your life that requires effort, concentration, practice or training to be good at, please, give it the proper respect by doing it to your best ability every time. If there is nothing that came to mind immediately, then you need to get yourself something you love to work in.


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