In those ever so famous words by a beloved fictional character, “I am what I am” We here at the HUP show like to live by that saying. We are a bunch silly, fun loving guys, who all enjoy a good story. In fact, the main reasoning behind the creation of The Human Universals Podcast was to plunge ourselves head first into the world around us through the stories of everyone we come in contact with. We do that on a daily, every time we meet someone new it seems, but we wanted to create that same effect; and dive even deeper into the inner workings of what it means to be; for the most part, an intelligent creature, and completely human. This show is our way of sharing with you the audience stories from far and wide, while including our quirkiness, our creativity, our passions, our joys, and our sorrows vicariously through the stories of others. The goal—To show that you, I, and everyone else no matter the person, are really not so different when it comes down to it. We are all universally connected by the things we think, do and say.

Thank you for supporting us!


The Team

Lucas pic
Lucas J. Hernandez

Wade picture haha it speaks me
Wade B. Mcmahan








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