A mind aloof in a cosmic swirl—Hallucinogens and Humans


How can one describe the trip that Hallucinogenics give. Each experience really remains subjective to the user that consumed them. What these experiences do have in common with every other drug induced trip is they all give an open window view into your mind. Like a picture on display in an art gallery at a free showing. Every person viewing this piece has their own thoughts and feelings about it, and what they take away is left completely up to the users past experiences, comprehension, self esteem and self worth; not to mention the surroundings the person is experiencing at the time.

So whats new? Mankind has been tripping on whatever berries, fruit or cactus we could dig up and eat since the dawn of time. We are silly creatures, trying everything out with our mouths so that we may know its effect; the same way babies seem to do. Im sure many people died using this method, rightfully so, but without it, one can argue that language, religion, art, and culture would have never been established, as hallucinogens were the gateway drug… not to mention the deliciousness that is fresh mussels, seriously.Lophophora_williamsii_pm_2

Maybe i’m being overly dramatic about hallucinogens, but they really are an important part in the evolution of humankind, as well as a way for people to self reflect in serious, life altering ways. From my experiences with hallucinogenic substances, be it psilocybin or LSD, the results have always been an honest look back at myself, the choices I have made in life, how they have led me to the present, and how I am connected to everything around me…immensely so. I cant speak for everyone as to how their so called trip will turn out, if it will be close to what I described or if they spent it watching Pink Floyds “The Wall” or Rene Lalouxs’ “Fantastic Planet” and being wowed by all the colors and crazy shit flying around. Yeah I am guilty of the same thing at least a few times in life, it was the thing to do when you were young. I quickly realized though how uncomfortable it all felt, taking these powerful mind altering substances just to sit stationary and waste away in one place while your eyes are being fed with someone’s creativity, someone other than your self.

brain functions    Agreed, there is a time and place for everything, but come now, you have to respect the drug for the force that it is. I was always moved to create something of my own, feeling like a mother, months overdue with her offspring ready to burst at any moment, yet searching like an ancient sea captain for the shore as to how I can birth these creations. Sometimes I did, and sometimes I did not. No matter, as long as I carried this unspoken air of respect for the substance I was partaking in, I never once had a negative experience. In fact, on every single account I came away with something that bettered my life in one way or another. Be it to paint more, a huge boost in confidence, to write one page every day without giving a shit about prose, take up a new hobby, stop drinking or smoking, give up social media, train my body harder, and even to see people in their true forms and give up false friends. The benefits have been vast. What troubles me is actually keeping up with said good habits; it seems the negative is always a hands breadth away and easiest to fall into. It remains though, that every time I partake, the tendencies that come about only aim to benefit my health and my true self. Not in some esoteric way that touts meditations over vaccinations, but in a way that is backed by logic, reason and science. I have never lost my senses while under, they may be muddied a bit in one way or another, I feel it always makes me hyper aware of myself and my surroundings. So much so that it is to the point of being uncomfortable, that is why I always prefer to go out on a desert hike or camp for a night while dosing myself. mind tree

Its funny, writing this I feel as if the reader would think me a complete shroom head or acid junkie by the way I speak, let me assure you I am far from it. In fact every one of my experiences lies years in between the other. I do it once, and feel I get what I needed from it, only to do it again when I am feeling like my back is at a wall or I am stumbling some how I can not see. The new trip, always seems to set me onto a new path, and what I have found later, a new chapter in my life. In my experiences with these substances, I have found a way that suits me to take them into my body, respect them, and to get the most out of them. It works for me, but everyone is different. Sometimes thinking too deep about oneself is a terrifying thing. Mind you, I am not endorsing the use of psychedelics, to be better in your life, no. You are much better off doing that by sticking to a workout routine, and eating good. Hallucinogens are and always will be a drug, in the sense that we are tripping off their toxins and they become toxic to your body, and potentially dangerous for your mind. All I am doing here is relating my experiences with them.

I believe you need to face yourself honestly most of all at one point or another in life to better yourself and as the greeks say, “Know thyself”. How you do that is always of your own choosing… choose well.

eye of the universe

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