War… War is hell

     How many of our fathers, and fathers fathers battled for idealism, for justice, for freedom? The many people who have been gathered for a fight throughout the ages is immense and countless, why? Nations recruit their people to go to war for many reasons; for pride, for preservation of life or way of life, or for prodigy. To me, one of the scariest and most powerful reasons people are persuaded into taking up arms against a foreign enemy is blind patriotism for their country. This tends to be such a fearful excuse as it induces a herd mentality on a mass scale, especially when the means carrying that message are morphed and shaped by a Government into a way that suits their cause best. Everyone, from all over the world belongs to a motherland, a place that they can call home. It seems that the thing these countries Governments can do best is spinning the words of an issue in their favor… basic politics if you will. Yeah, its sad how people can be so easily convinced to hate, even kill another human, due to methods of deception and subterfuge, but it has been the truth since before many of our births.


    We are a warring species, there is no doubt about it, but how can this terrible act become a nation’s sole occupation and Gross Domestic Product? In historical times, war was considered acceptable, if not mandatory. Countries had to fight for their place in the world and for resources to feed their ever growing populations. Today it really beguiles the mind to think that war is still the answer, we are living in times where the extraordinary has become the accepted norm.


    Our recent political and social climate have shown that you don’t have to be from another country to be demonized. We live in a time where brothers are turned against brothers based solely on who they voted for, or what they believe. Joining an army of your own volition, for whatever the reason should be commendable, don’t get this piece wrong, a standing fighting force no matter the climate is a good thing that everyone should have. Being drafted into that fighting force though to wage a war on people whom you are told is evil, that is a different story completely.


     Recently I was hanging out with my grandma. We were having a good time, downing cup after cup of coffee sitting at the same kitchen table she has had since I was a child, and probably her children before me. After a while, she told me that she wanted to show me some pictures. Something you all need to know first about my grandma, much like everyone else’s, she has kept the lives of her children and grandchildren documented down to a T, through photos, which she found any and every excuse to flood us with when she could. So when she had mentioned that she had pictures to show me, I didn’t think anything of it. “No grandma, Im sure you have shown me already, last time I was here.” My response, ignorant and short, due to a mind swimming with caffeine serves as a lesson which is easy to forget in our technologically advanced society, never assume.

“No mijo, not these, i’ll get them.” I got up to help her walk over to her cabinet in her room, where she produced a key from a hidden spot to open up the door to the dresser. Wow, these pics are under lock and key, my curiosity started to peak. Out came a worn leather box, with a small leather buckle on it keeping the top latched shut, looking to be at least a hundred years old. What the hell is this I thought to myself? My grandma’s sweet voice broke me out of my wonder “Let’s go to the living room and I’ll show you what’s inside”

To be continued…


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