Show Notes E04: Red lights of Europe



Story Title: Red lights of Europe

by Mando Gomez




  • American rich in Ukraine
  • Whores-R-Us Hotel
  • Hitchhike Romania


The lust for travel has moved many a person into daring and sometimes dangerous decisions. Foreign lands are brimming with unknown cultures and traditions. When the call of adventure rings out, a man must answer that call.


mando brothers


Across every continent, people strive only to live well, provide for their own, and pursue happiness. Essentially, this is a good life. As an outsider in a new land, being welcomed as a friend, not a stranger by someone you’ve just met, is one of the most endearing and universally understood sentiments, as well as the oldest. This is our normal default mode, gracious and accepting. Why that is not so anymore is due to our social and political environments while growing as a nation. People become distrustful, reserved and sometimes even violent when they have been oppressed since the days of their oldest ancestors.





The company of loved friends and family, warm food, and plentiful amounts of drink to warm up even the coldest of nights, along with gratitude for these things is the key to quality in life. Of body, spirit, and the physical space that surrounds you, No matter where you reside in this world or in your mind.

“Live your life guys… dont pay attention to all this bullshit that you must follow a certain line… be humble, be happy, you know, do you.”

Mando Gomez


Cloud 9 Murders— Southern New Mexicos metal scourge for a number of years. Bringing a unique heavy influence to the areas growing music scene. The only remains of this group is floating around in media form. Check out the sounds of the Southwest.