Show Notes E.02 The Navajo that accidentally p.a.s.o. me

Sean ‘Seansy’ Noland

Chapter 1- Mockingbird car alarm

Chapter 2- The haunting of sean

Chapter 3- The cleansing of… sean



Why on earth would you throw rocks at the thing… I mean… really? Its freaking following you around, screwing with s**t and you guys are going to f**k with it?


The haunting is real man. Many people have been in this same place, but few can say they have punted that son of a b*tch the f**k out the park. Kudos my friend, I hope the Abikill ghost removal service and treatment solved your problems for good.

Live free and completely unhindered by perceived curses and hexes folks. Do no harm, and no harm will become of you. And know, Stubborn mindsets usually win out over the weaker willed, even if they be from another plane of existence.


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