Show notes E 03 The really long walk

The Really long walk

Chapter 1- Same walk one year before

Chapter 2- The bathroom @ Al’s house

Chapter 3- The missing German


Hunter Hall.                                                            1982322_1320253538043168_8096529953316170626_n


War… war never changes. Be it the distant rumble of battlefield artillery, striking ends onto whole cultures, or the growing pains of your teenage years, war never changes.

darth hunter

Growing from a young boy into adulthood is never easy. You change in ways you never knew, as you watch the people around you get older. Loss is inevitable. No preparation can ever suffice for a tragedy.


Many years ago, great perpetration’s against peoples were commonplace. The world was at war, cities were being ravaged and atrocities were being committed far and wide. This is a story of one man’s journey into a humble homage to the evils of this world.


Bataan Death March: 65 mile march forced upon US and Filipino troops after surrender to Japanese during WW2

On-on: A nationwide drinking group with a running problem

Carlos: a Tale of survival: Bataan death march recount  




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