Show notes E.06 Keeping Austin Weird

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Keeping Austin Weird

  1. The gig
  2. The bar
  3. The return

By Megan Thompson

How do we live in a world without passion. How can we ever find what it is we truly love without searching through endless hobbies, and fields of study? What is that spark that really speaks to you or I, or anyone and why? For some, art is a calling, in every form it may take. Even if you turn your back on art for years, it still remains. Those hands  remember the movement, and feet fall back into step. Art can take you to some of the strangest places you’ve ever been, be it far off realms to the tips of your imagination, or something more tangible like an overpriced bar in Austin Texas where they were so packed, the performers had to change costumes in the alley out back. Nothing should ever hinder the love for art.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.30.11 PMThe allure of writhing bodies swaying to the sultry swoons of music, steeped in sensuality, has been a strong motivator among humans since clothing was invented to cover such acts. To allow your body the expression of desire creates a force unrivaled. It seems that feminine wiles can tease and coax even the most modest person into a state of wanting and frivolity.

Wherever and however you get there, it goes to show that the draw of having new experiences can drive us into all kinds of crazy adventures. The most ideal way to tackle these adventures is with the company of your best friends. Nothing can stop the lessons you all may learn as well as the fun you may have. Throw safety and convention to the wind, rev the throttle, life is awaiting you on the other side of the state line.

Not a place in which you live per se, rather a state of mind. Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.27.39 PM

  • Las hermanas de sangre← Las cruces art collective, facebook page
  • website for hermanas
  • @thestrangeluvsburlesque  Megans’ wandering burlesque troupe
  • Dita von teese← ol skoo bad ass pin up artist, jazz inspired pieces, she is a traditional/classic burlesque dancer.
  •  Roxanne  moulin rouge version of this classic song, its hard and sultry style was the backdrop for Megans performance that evening.
  • The black heart bar on rainy st. where the performance in the story was held
  • Roxy Roca ← the band that had a dreamboat as a singer, and were playing the bar that night.
  • Instagram ←A small collection of Megans’ pinups,  burlesque photos and what life rolling around the southwest looks like. Show some love


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“Just be nice to each other” -Megan