Show Notes E.09: Standing with Standing Rock

  • Mni Wiconi… Why?
  • A warrior action…how?
  • More than a journey… the actual trip?

“We only have one life here, we only have one chance, we can spend it fighting each other, or we can spend it getting along; and I think getting along is so much easier than fighting.”

By Cody Smith


Water is life, no matter what language you speak or where it is you come from, its unquestionable. It has been thought, that water is quite possibly the reason for our existence on this wonderful blue planet. It gives our biological makeup a solid foundation to grow, it flows down through the rivers and streams of our planet fueling all ecological life as we know. The plants, the trees, the birds, the bees; where would we be without it? A food source in itself, while holding the mantle of being the very means of our subsistence. Whether you are a meat eater or a plant forager, none of that would be possible without our liquid companion. 21017666_10155511792078796_1858037712_o


Why then, with all this in mind: would the very Government we put in place, work to undermine that basic necessity for select groups of people? To risk contaminating or take away completely the very lifeblood of a community, is treasonous; not only to the country but to the human species as a whole. The people who are ordered to enforce these actions by folks who will not feel the consequences of such, are being dehumanized bit by bit with every step they take. Why then?

Greed? 21037942_10155511791168796_2030222205_o


It seems to be the answer to most of the problems that we face as a society in this world. Its why we pit our country at war with other countries for resources. Why hatred seems to be so prevalent these days, it is just the child learning from its parent. People sense the erroneous ways of their leaders and that feeling seeps its way into their very being; hatred persists. Not all are susceptible though, even if their voices be hushed or muffled by the loud cries of misguided and manipulative news casts; they remain. To stand and fight oppression wherever it shows itself, in every way one is able, is truly a revolutionary act. If you wait by the sidelines and watch as people are run down across the country, solely because you are not in the direct line of damage, remember, we stand on a circular planet; sooner or later you will be hit by that very same instrument of destruction.

defend 2


Resources to aid Hurricane Harvey Efforts 9-1-17

  • Administrators at Fema recommend if you are going to donate, please do so through one of the organizations at NVOAD
  • Volunteer Houston is working to coordinate volunteers along with nonprofits. If you are a registered volunteer, in the area, or soon to be; get in touch with them to see how you can help!
  • A local food bank is taking donations and turning them into meals for those affected. They have a secure page where you can donate if possible. Houston food bank


Anything that can be given, would greatly help someone in need. If you can give your time, energy and love, that help may last a lot longer.