Show notes E07: Then I started to cry


laura 1

Then I started to Cry


  1. The always so great beginnings
  2. That frightening night
  3. Devotion, love and realization


By Laura Demouche

In a perfect world, we all would have the luxury of stepping out into foreign lands and having new experiences every day. The lust for life is a real condition, one that can not be satiated with small exploits alone. This lust, this incredible crave has the power to give wings to your soul and lift it into a place of harmony– But Beware, it contains the power to break a person down into nothingness, if never ventured towards. A thin line we must all walk and travel alike, if we hope for substance in our lives.


laura 3

“The heart wants what it wants.”

Those cliched words are so, for a reason; the kernel of truth they hold endures through out time. All’s fair in love and war. We look to be happy at every instance, even more primally we look to split our souls in two in order to share these happinesses with another. When the split has been made, rarely does it come unencumbered with hurt. The ties that bound two people come without notice, like lighting descending on a barren field, bringing with them rains of fertility. Whether or not these bonds last, remains inconsequential. The lessons taken from these types of connections are necessary and can not be gained any other way. You have to live through heartache to benefit from it.


It is easy, especially in these dizzying technological times, to become disconnected from one another. Never do we move in that direction aimlessly, though we may become adrift without realization to the fact; our wits will usually bring us back to the shores. Bonds forged in the cauldrons of fire and pain, remain more robust than those of circumstance. The responsibility of choice falls directly into your hands, be them good or bad, consequence will always follow actions—or inaction.

laura 2

“I started to cry, which started the whole world living.”


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