Show notes E08: Saint Nobody

Zack Welsh 3

Saint Nobody

  1. The fall
  2. The discovery of passion
  3. The slow climb up

By Zack Welsh

There’s a path we all travel down, winding, long, and sometimes heartbreaking. It works its way through every facet of life, the direction dictated solely by your choices. It runs and runs until the flame of your life is burnt out, and your energy returns to the earth from whence it came.

Zack Welsh 2


No matter how good or bad of a person you think you are, you’re bound to rack up some wins, immeasurable joys that make life worth living; just as you are destined to hit rock bottom, it’s inevitable; light can not live without darkness. And there is nothing that can survive solely off of one or the other, we are diverse beings needing a little bit of everything to find out what truly speaks to us, and what we are passionate about.


Passion will be your shovel when you’re buried up to your neck, it’s the flashlight when the thunder knocks out the power, seemingly for good. For our storyteller, that shining light in the darkest times came, from the loyalty that only music can give, it came from blank pages being filled with emotion, chipping away all of the ugly edges in a fractured life to reveal the beauty that is just beneath the surface.



Passion… passion is powerful. It has the potential to change a life for ever, and lift you from the dust and ruin, into a heaven of your own making.


This Saint without a names creed sneaks into your life subliminally through the music he creates. The purpose of it is to reign down blessings upon you in order to inspire critical thinking. No credit need be given nor any showering of praises. As long as you leave better than you came, the grace is yours to keep and share. Remember, a candle loses nothing by setting another alight.

Zack Welsh 4