Show notes S.1 E.5 The Spiritual Comedian

The Spiritual Comedian

Chapter 1- Finding his Audience

Chapter 2- Learning from the Outside in

Chapter 3- Denying a deal with the Devil


By Brooks Van Hammersteinbrooks 1

The soul needs to laugh. As humans, roaming this earth since crawling through the mud was cool have craved to be entertained. We grasp onto the comfort that is belief, by whichever name it may take, and walk side by side with it. The constant has always been, and I believe always will be laughter.

The man or woman who chooses to take on the daunting task of being an entertainer, have chosen a hard life. For people’s attention is always torn between a multitude of things, that any remaining bits of it for you are fast and fleeting. You have to be light on your feet and quick of wit to be able to dance the dance, the one that moves everyone else in a similar step, or else, into the fire you will fall. No matter the struggles, the entertainer moves forward. He is drawn by an unseen force, only found in the joy of people. His is a noble cause indeed.brooks 2

Creativity spawned from substances usually carry a heavy cost. It could go one of two ways, amazing and inspiring, or detrimental to your overall psyche. The catch is, one never knows which path they will take before they consume said substances. Power lies in the ability to adjust in the face of new challenges. Deals from dark places will usually show themselves in a time of need, but one must remain steadfast and true to themselves, these are merely tests in this vast journey.


April 5th show— Brooks along with 4 other comedians will be performing at the Lava Rock Hookah bar in Las Cruces

Back words chess game— Contact Brooks and the 42 Monks directly for a glimpse into this reality.

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

brooks 3


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