Socially Awkward

This podcast has taken on a life of its own. In it, we are trying to show how interconnected we all are through our stories. Some are haunting, some mesmerizing. Some are terrifying, while others lovely. Some inspire wander lust, while others amuse and make one reflect on their own past experiences.

What we have found throughout this journey of collecting and retelling stories is that all of  our storytellers have some type of fun in their story. This trend can not be ignored. It seems, we as humans, even in the darkest of times, are always looking for a light to guide us and help us through.



That is what this segment of The HUP show is all about. To showcase the weird and wacky in all of us, even in the most reserved of people. It seems to always finds a way to shine through the cracks somehow. We plan to use socially awkward as a vessel for these tidbits of revelry so that we as a collective, may all regale in stories that may not seem fit for a conventional society, there in lies the fun. This will be our collection of Short tales to make you smile. Enjoy!